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Canada's Agriculture Day (February 15, 2023)

Did you know there is a day dedicated to Canada’s agriculture industry? It’s less than one week away.

Wednesday, February 15th marks Canada’s Agriculture Day.

I am passionate about Canada’s agriculture and food industry. Why?

As a child, I was not interested in food, cooking or where my food came from. For quite some time I was an extremely picky eater. My curiosity and interest in food and cooking really didn’t begin until I was a young adult and moved away from my parents and out on my own. When I started working in agriculture, I started to want to know more about my food - where it comes from, how the animals are raised, how the food gets from the farm to the grocery store and ultimately onto my table. For about 12 years, I surrounded myself with those that were interested in food, whether it be farmers, food bloggers, home economists and chefs. I gained a wealth of knowledge from these groups of people.

For over a decade I worked full-time in the agriculture and food industry in various communication and marketing roles with different groups and organizations. Since starting my own writing business, I am fortunate to work with a variety of clients in different industries. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had thus far on my entrepreneurial journey. I have been able to continue telling the stories and spreading the word about all the amazing things everyone in this industry does to bring delicious, nutritious food from the farms to our tables.

On Canada’s Agriculture Day, let’s raise a fork to the food we love and the people who produce it. Celebrate online or in person with family, friends and co-workers and share how you feel about this awesome industry.

Let’s thank the hard working and dedicated farmers and everyone involved in bringing food from the farms to our plates in our beautiful country and across the globe.

You can join the conversation and spread appreciation and awareness for the Canadian agriculture industry by using the official hashtag #CdnAgDay Learn more and download resources at and follow @agmorethanever on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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