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I create compelling, concise content your audience not only wants to read, but also engage with. 

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Every company has a story to tell. How their story is told can set them apart. Several critical questions in the rapidly evolving digital space are as follows: 

  1. Who is your audience? Are they consuming content on Instagram or YouTube? Do they prefer Facebook or Twitter? Maybe they aren’t on a social media platform, but they like to read an e-newsletter or a blog post. 

  2. What type of content does your audience prefer? Once you know where your audience is, it is valuable to know what type of content resonates with them. It could be a short post on Facebook, an Instagram story, or an e-blast, or something longer like an article on LinkedIin, or an e-book on your website. Maybe your community is more passively consuming information, where a video would be more appealing to them.

  3. How does your audience engage with you?  Passive consumption of online content is not enough these days. A direct call for action is strongly recommended to convert views into results for your business.

The answers to the above questions, will likely reveal that your audience is on multiple platforms and each of them has different preferences when it comes to content. There cannot be a one-size fits all approach. Your audience is unique and therefore, so should your content strategy. Each communication tool has a specific purpose and should be designed for that specific medium only. 

Welcome to Kim Coyle Content Creation. Your source for your content creation needs! Let me show you how I can turn your stories into concise, readable content for your various audiences that will drive engagement.



Kim Coyle Content Creation will help you with all of your writing needs. Some of the services I provide are:

  • Content ideas/writing prompts

  • Developing a content strategy for all of your material

  • Writing your material, which could include:

    • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

    • Blog posts

    • E-newsletter material

    • Email campaigns

    • Website content

    • Press releases

    • Key messages

    • Fact sheets

    • Articles/stories 

    • PowerPoint presentations

    • And more...



From a young age, I have been passionate about communications and the importance of making stories known.  It had been evident that my future should focus on spreading awareness of people’s stories and their positive messages. 


Since receiving my Public Relations diploma from Conestoga College, I have worked in public relations/communications departments in the agricultural sector. It was there that I was fortunate to hone my skills and tell the stories of the hardworking individuals throughout the supply chain who ensure our food safely reaches our plates.  


After accumulating 10+ years of experience in this sector, I branched out in 2019 to begin a freelance communications career. It was rewarding to diversify my skills to write for food production companies and the audio-visual industry and present in schools. As of July 2020, I decided to make it official and launch Kim Coyle Content Creation.

I believe it is important to never stop learning and I continue to expand my knowledge through workshops, webinars and courses. I was a member of the Eastern Canadian Farm Writers Federation for 11 years and was on their Board of Directors from 2015-2017.


On a more personal note, I am a dog lover and enjoy baking, travelling, colouring and knitting and listening to music.  



Consistency and Repetition 
Consistency and repetition play an important role in effective communication.

Consistency develops a pattern your audiences can come to expect and subconsciously build familiarity with. Repeating a message can lead to a person taking action, as they develop a preference for your messages.

Have a content plan/schedule

This process makes you think strategically, so you aren’t struggling to come up with ideas on a daily/regular basis. 
When you have a content plan/schedule for your various social media posts, blogs, email campaigns and/or advertising, it sets your business up for success. When you take the time to develop content ideas in advance, whether it be for a week or a month (or more) at a time, it alleviates the burnout of coming up with ideas on the fly. As such, it allows you to focus on other areas of your business. 


Review your upcoming/scheduled content

Make sure it is still relevant, timely and sensitive to current events.

As global events arise it is important to communicate with your audiences. With that being said, take time to review your upcoming/scheduled communications (social media posts, email campaigns, advertising) and ask yourself 'is it still, relevant, timely and tasteful to current events?' Maybe it isn’t appropriate at the time, and can be delayed. Maybe the message can be reworded to be more sensitive.


For more communication tips, you can follow me on Instagram @kimcoylecontent or Facebook @kimcoylecontentcreation



Kim Coyle Content Creation is based in Milton, Ontario. I would love to help with your content creation needs.


Contact me today if you have questions, or to book your FREE 20-minute discovery call to discuss your content strategy/development needs.

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