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Every company has a story to tell. How their story is told can set them apart. Several critical questions in the rapidly evolving digital space are as follows:
Who is your audience? Are they consuming content on Instagram or YouTube? Do they prefer Facebook or Twitter? Maybe they aren’t on a social media platform, but they like to read an e-newsletter or a blog post. 

What type of content does your audience prefer? Once you know where your audience is, it is valuable to know what type of content resonates with them. It could be a short post on Facebook, an Instagram story, or an e-blast, or something longer like an article on LinkedIin, or an e-book on your website. Maybe your community is more passively consuming information, where a video would be more appealing to them.

How does your audience engage with you?  Passive consumption of online content is not enough these days. A direct call for action is strongly recommended to convert views into results for your business.

The answers to the above questions, will likely reveal that your audience is on multiple platforms and each of them has different preferences when it comes to content. There cannot be a one-size fits all approach. Your audience is unique and therefore, so should your content strategy. Each communication tool has a specific purpose and should be designed for that specific medium only.

Welcome to Kim Coyle Content Creation. Your source for your content creation needs! Let me show you how I can turn your stories into concise, readable content for your various audiences that will drive engagement.

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