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Batch Content

Who has time to plan, create and post every day? Not me!

Work smart and save valuable time!


Implement a batch content strategy. If the term ‘batch content’ sounds familiar to you, but you aren’t completely sure what it means, let me share a fun analogy I like to use. When you bake cookies, you don’t make just one, right? You make a batch. It wouldn’t be efficient, or make sense to take out all of the ingredients and put in all the effort to make one, single cookie. ⁠ Think of planning your content in the same way. Content batching is an efficient technique where you create all of your captions, graphics and videos for a set period of time. It could be for a week, a month, or even quarterly. Getting the writing momentum going can sometimes take time, but once you start, the ideas start flowing. Use that creative energy to your advantage. ⁠

First and foremost, the process of content batching alleviates the burnout and stress of constantly coming up with ideas & taking significant energy for a single post/video. It allows you to see the big picture of what content is coming up and allows you to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled. It also ensures a consistent message, voice and tone and also allows for consistency with your posting frequency.

There are additional benefits of batching content, which include:

· Producing cohesive content that is both high quality and high-value.

· It allows ideas to flow freely

· Creating an inventory of content to use when you are super busy and don’t have time to write something.

· Focussing on other areas of your business.

There are many different methods and schedules for batching content. What works for one person might not suit you. Try different ways until you find what works best for you, then commit to it! I recommended setting aside a separate block of time for editing. You will have a clear head and it will be much easier to spot run-on sentences and mistakes that may go unnoticed if you don’t allocate time for proofreading.

Once you have planned your content in advance, it is important to review your

upcoming/scheduled communications (social media posts/videos, email campaigns, advertising) and ask yourself “Is this still, relevant, timely and appropriate to current events?” Maybe it isn’t suitable at the time and could be delayed. Maybe the message can be reworded to be more sensitive.

One more tip I find helpful, is to create a master document with content ideas, fully written social media posts and questions asked, which I can draw upon for inspiration when nee

If you have questions about how to use “batch content” for your business, please reach out to me.


Phone: 905-749-4382

Let me help you tell your unique story!

Thank you for reading and I hope you visit again soon!

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