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Improve Your Brand With Professional Photography

Capturing Success: The Power of Professional Headshots and Branding Images

First impressions matter! The power of visuals can make all the difference, especially online. 

I know I am a talented writer, however, often online the visual is what stops the scroll. 

My words and the stories I tell, whether it is about who I am and what I do or the work I do with my clients, might not get seen. 

Is this discouraging? Sometimes. 

I can do something about it though. I can make sure the photos I use are high-quality, professional and accurately portray who I am and what I do at Kim Coyle Content Creation.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tegan from Tegan Monaco Photography to update my professional headshot and create some beautiful branding photography.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Tegan from our initial conversation through to delivery of my new photos. Tegan was easy to work with, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable while at her studio. I am so happy with the photos she took, as she brought my vision to life. She perfectly captured the professional, approachable and authentic look I was hoping to achieve. I highly recommend Tegan, if you are looking for professional headshots and/or branding imagery. 

Initially, I considered just updating my professional headshot. I thought about it more and decided to go all out and have a full branding photo session. I am so glad I did! With my four-year business anniversary approaching (July 2nd), it seemed like the perfect time for a refresh and a milestone to celebrate!

Some of the images on my website have been replaced with new ones and I have shared a few of my favourite photos already on my social media platforms. Be sure to give me a follow and stay tuned as I share more!

Why It's Important to Work with a Photographer

You have expertise in a certain area, but, does your imagery capture the attention of your audience? Below are some reasons why I opted for a professional photoshoot and why you should too:

· Digital first impressions matter:  Carefully curating your brand’s online representation helps you make a great digital first impression and keeps the attention of potential customers.  

· Build trust and credibility: High-quality visuals provide potential customers with a sense of trust, capability and loyalty. They enable you to tell your story visually, enhancing your narrative.  

· Increase brand recognition:  Consistent branding photography increases brand recognition. 

· Reflect your brand values: Professional photos should reflect your brand’s values, creating cohesive imagery that resonates with your audience. 

· Save time and money: By creating a visual strategy, you can capture all the photos you need for the year in one session. This saves time and potentially reduces costs, making it a professional investment with maximum returns. 

Seasonal and versatile branding: Having multiple business branding images that align with different seasons, promotions and vibes you want to convey keeps your content fresh and relevant.  

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