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The Importance of Working with a Writer

We consume content at an alarming rate. From scrolling through social media feeds, scanning news headlines, reading an email, newsletter or blog, or seeing advertisements while watching tv, we are continually inundated with messages to digest and process.

With all of this material being produced, writers are needed, especially those that can establish a genuine connection with their readers. Now more than ever, people want to support companies/brands that genuinely care. Individuals want to connect with businesses/organizations that share content that is meaningful and relatable to them. Having a writer that can instill a measure of trust with their readers will go a long way towards showing that these brands care.

Why is it important to work with a professional writer, such as myself? Below are 3 reasons to work with a writer.

The Importance of Human Creativity and Connection

Writing isn’t simply stringing words together. It allows us to share ideas, express emotions and create community. Professional writers help tell a story and can form deeper connections with their audiences by sharing relatable stories, personal experiences, analogies, insights and opinions that resonate with the reader. They are also able to add emotion into a piece of content, making it relatable and engaging for the reader. Finally, they inform the reader what to do next by adding a strong call to action. The authentic touch of a writer is crucial, but, difficult to reproduce. It has been found emotional connection and customer purchase rates have a direct correlation. The more connected a customer feels to a brand, the more they are willing to spend.

The Importance of Human Understanding An experienced writer goes beyond putting words on a page (or screen), by understanding the context, tone and purpose the piece of content they are writing is for. In addition, they have the ability to interpret complex information and create content tailored to a specific audience by adjusting the tone, language and style to match the needs of the reader. Become a thought leader in your field/industry, by influencing how your audience thinks and acts. This can be achieved by working with a writer that produces well-written, relatable content. This turns into loyal brand advocates who will gladly speak highly of your product or service to their family, friends and other connections. The Importance of Ethics and Responsibility A professional writer is able to exercise judgement and responsibility in their writing. Words are chosen carefully and their impact is taken into careful consideration. As a result, ethical and responsible content is produced that is aligned with the values of the business/organization.

I can and would love to take the writing piece off your plate. Whether it is social media, e-newsletters or website copy, let me help tell your unique story. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by emailing

While you are here, I encourage you to explore the website (if you haven’t already) to learn about services offered, read client testimonials, subscribe for updates and more.

Thank you for reading and I hope you visit again soon!

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