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The Art of Storytelling

Writing and storytelling is at the heart of what I do and why I started my business!

Every company has a story to tell. How their story is told can set them apart. Being relatable, authentic and open builds a connection and trust with our audience(s).

I know I say it often, but I truly am grateful to use my passion and skills to help others communicate who they are and what they do and to tell their amazing stories. There are so many incredible stories out there, that for many reasons never get told. I am on a mission to help tell more stories!

Now more than ever people want to support local businesses, as much as they can. Creating quality content, that tells a story, connects with the audience, evokes emotion and also encourages action, doesn’t usually just happen. It is carefully thought out, planned and executed. All of this can take time. As each of my clients has specific writing needs, I don’t use a one-size fits all approach. Once I know their writing needs, I work closely with each one to learn about them, their business and the industry they work in. I ask questions to get to know them on a deeper level. I uncover things such as, why they started their business, what is important to them and what makes them different. ⁠ There are countless other factors that go into developing written pieces, including the choice of words, tense, length of the piece, tone and style. All of these components are taken into careful consideration to ensure the piece of writing not only sounds like them, but also reflects them personally and professionally.⁠

I also taken into consideration who their audience is and ask the following questions when crafting the story: 1. Who is their audience? Who is their target customer and what demographics do their customers fall under (age, gender, income, location, profession, etc.)? 2. What type of content does their audience prefer? Once I know who their audience is, I look into what type of content would resonates with their audience. It could be a short post on Facebook, an Instagram story, or an e-blast, or something longer like an article on LinkedIin, or an e-book or blog on their website. Maybe their community is more passively consuming information, where a video would be more appealing (YouTube or TikTok). 3. How does their audience engage with them? Passive consumption of online content is not enough these days. A direct call to action is strongly recommended to convert views into results for their business.

Once I know your audience, I can now begin to craft a story that connects with your audience and make them care about what you are saying.

If you have questions about storytelling, please reach out to me.


Phone: 905-749-4382

Let me help you tell your unique story!

Thank you for reading and I hope you visit again soon!

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